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SnappyMag™ SLIM: Superfast 480 Mbs DATA speeds + 5A Quick Charge


Introducing SnappyMag™ SLIM!

  • Stronger Magnet
  • Faster DATA & Charging (Up to 48W)
  • Slim case-friendly design (Version 2020)

ALL 3 FREE upgrade: Lightning + USB-C + micro-USB! 3 connectors + 1 cable for the price of one!

No more fumbling broken cables...ever.

Snaps Into Place

Stop breaking your connectors with cheap cables. Stop scratching your phone up fumbling around for the connector. SnappyMag™️ snaps into place without a thought!

Magnet works in any orientation

SnappyMag™️ uses magnets that work in any direction, so you don't have to think about which way to plug it in. No matter how you twist or turn your phone, you'll always stay connected. Never worry about twisting your cable ever again!

Superfast 480 Mbs DATA speeds + 5A Quick Charge

We use gold-plated contacts + thick copper bundles for the best data rates and charging speeds.

Protect your phone

Ever pulled a cable by accident and watched in horror as your phone slammed into the ground? Our magnetic connector will snap away, saving your phone and your sanity!

Works with all phones

With lighting (iPhone), USB-C (modern android), and micro-USB (many devices), SnappyMag™️ works with any phone and nearly any USB-powered device.

Designed to Last Forever

With 24 nylon strong braids on every cable and aircraft-grade aluminum joints, SnappyMag™️ is designed to outlast your phone.

The SnappyMag™ Pledge:

  • All of our products have best-in-class quality and ease of use
  • The value we offer is always greater than the price we charge
  • If for any reason you're not satisfied with your SnappyMag™ cable, you will get a full refund or replacement, your choice

What our customers are saying on our Facebook feed:

😮 New! Now includes all 3 adapters with each cable at the same price! Use your snappy mag with multiple devices!

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